Invest in Gwadar

Gwadar might not have been much to look at before, it has turned into something of an investment hub in recent years. And it is only going to go forward from here, as people continue to Invest in Gwadar. The biggest reason being the recent developments in CPEC.

Gwadar in 1950


Gwadar is actually a port city along the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is also only 700 kilometers away from Karachi. Gwadar actually shares the border with Iran and is located to the east of the Persian Gulf. Oman actually possessed Gwadar Port from 1783 to 1958.

Fishing Boats on Gwadar Port

The real value of its strategic location was actually first recognized in 1954. Around the same time, it was also identified as a suitable site for a deep water port by the United States Geological Survey when Oman still ruled it. While that is a bit of history of Gwadar, Lots of new developments and technological advancements have happened since it was first recognized by the USA. The Government has been trying to tap into the potential of Gwadar since 2001 but it was only a recent development that made it happen.

The $46 billion China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project actually started in April 2015 and we have already seen a lot of development in Gwadar because of that.

This is the right time to invest in Gwadar

Developments in Gwadar

And that is because the land prices are quite affordable for most people and it is certainly a guarantee that they will increase as the time goes on.

As former Chief Minister of Baluchistan Sanaullah Zehri put it.

This is the right time to invest in Gwadar because property value is affordable. If an immediate investment is missed, the property value will be much higher and could become unaffordable soon.

The future is already here

Future of Gwadar

I know that many people face uncertainty when deciding to invest somewhere, especially if it is as far as Gwadar. However, the future of Gwadar looks quite promising with the first desalination plant already implemented there and there is a lot more than we can look forward to.

That is why we at Chohan Developers are offering affordable and economical 4-year installment plan for our own project Palm City Gwadar. It is located at a prime location and it faces Jinnah Avenue 2 which is only a 15 minute drive from Gwadar Port.

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