Lahore Ring Road Adda Plot Interchange

Lahore Ring Road impact on real estate market, specially on those societies which are near to ring road interchange and Dream Housing Private Limited is one of those by Chohan Developers.

The LRR surrounds Lahore in a circumference of 85 km. Lahore Ring Road path is from Babu Sabu to Saggian Interchange, Niazi Chowk, and then extends to Mehmood Booti, via GT road, Canal Bank Road, Harbanspura Interchange, Barki Road, Allama Iqbal International Airport, Abdullah Gul Interchange, DHA Phase V and VII, Ghazi road, Ferozpur Road, Hudaira Drain (south) to Halloki, Sui Gas Society, Bahria Town to Niaz Biag. 95% of the north loop of LRR is now complete.

There will be an emergency lane on both sides of the road. Almost 425,000 vehicles will pass daily. All the connecting roads with Lahore Ring Road will be improved and expanded, in addition to the repair of all the important roads of the city to meet the flow of traffic. Up to 20 road exchanges will be built to provide better transportation facilities. The service roads and the city of Raiwind must be covered up.

Lahore Ring Road Impact on Real Estate Market

History of Ring Road Lahore

The project was planned in 1992 and it was evaluated that the cost of the six-lane highway with a length of 177 kilometers would cost 117 billion rupees. Now the ring road, with six lanes extending to 443 km, costs 185 billion rupiah, while the same highway with 177 km will cost approximately 1150 billion rupiah. Changes in the government caused delays and changes in the project and estimates of total costs increased due to increased land acquisition, improvements in the standard of existing roads in the project, change of public services facilities, crossing of commercial areas and residential and improvements in the crossings.

Lahore Ring Road Impact

Southern Loop of the LRR

Completion of the Southern Loop of the LRR will bring more benefits to the city of Lahore, especially the housing societies that will be linked by it, such as Dream Housing Society, DHA, Eden Park (adjacent to the park) of Life Wild Lahore), Sui Gas Housing Society, State Life Housing Society, Khayaban-e-Amin, Eden Gardens, Valencia, Lake City, AWT Scheme, Fazaia Housing Scheme and Bahria Town. Some of the important benefits for the residents of the companies mentioned above include an increase in the value of commercial and residential properties. Commercial activities will receive a boost as their commercial areas will be accessible quickly and conveniently to outsiders. Free, fast and fast traffic flow that enters and leaves these companies to Lahore through the LRR.

Salient features

  • Length: 85 km
  • Lanes: 6 lanes
  • Speed limit: Universal minimum speed limit of 80 km/h and a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h for heavy transport vehicles and 120 km/h for light transport vehicles
  • Separation: The LRR has a central raised concrete median and grade-separated junctions
  • Access: Access to the LRR is restricted to fast moving vehicles only, including high-performance heavy bikes. It is fenced on either side for safety and prevention of unauthorized access by pedestrians, animals and slow-moving vehicles. Pedestrians, bicycles, low-performance motorcycles, animal-driven carriages and other slow-moving vehicles are not permitted on the LR

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