Gwadar Central Railway System

The port city of Pakistan, Gwadar, would be connected to the central railways to facilitate connectivity and obtain the maximum benefits of trade under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, worth billions of dollars.

Officials of the Pakistan Railways reported on Friday to the Senate subcommittee on the projects of the Economic Corridor of Pakistan and China (CPEC) that would establish a railway from Gawadar to Turbat and Mustang.

The officials detailed that Railway was acquiring the land for said project and that it is working on the feasibility of the projects. They informed the legislators that, in addition to the dangers that prevail at Mustang and Pangore, the project’s feasibility study has been completed.

The railroad subcommittee meeting was held under the organization of Senator John Kenneth Williams at the House of Parliament.

The announcement comes days after Prime Minister Imran Khan laid the first stone of the new Gwadar International Airport, which is scheduled to be completed within three years.

The Gwadar International Airport will be able to handle the ATR 72, Airbus A-300 and Boeing B-747 aircraft on national and international routes and is being established under a Chinese subsidy.

The Gwadar International Airport will run under a “Open Skies” policy and will also be able to handle 30,000 tons of cargo as well.

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