Special Economic District Gwadar

China has recommended the establishment of the Special Economic District (SED) in Gwadar and the application of laws and regulations totally different from the rest of Pakistan and in the style of the Shenzen model in China. The Nation has learned reliably.

The Chinese company Fourth Harbor Design Institute (FHDI), which has prepared the integrated plan of the city of Gwadar Smart Port Master proposed, has recommended the application of the laws and regulations of the Chinese city of Shenzen in the whole area of 1,201 square kilometers in the Special Economic District of Gwadar (SED). ) Instead of Pakistani laws and regulations, they rely on official sources.

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The source said the report prepared by the Chinese company contains 16 chapters on land use planning, urban and transport infrastructure planning, energy, water and wastewater, socio-economic planning, environmental disaster risk management, participation and empowerment. of the community, guaranteed development for vulnerable groups. areas, development of areas without concessions, development of a free port, property ownership laws, institutional framework for GDA, responsibilities of government agencies and financial management.

The report focuses on four areas, including adequate infrastructure that makes Gwadar globally competitive and addresses transportation, housing, health and other needs of local people and migrant workers, the source said. The economic and governance framework is also part of the report. Similarly, the urban design and strategy of preservation of heritage and integration of the local population and their appropriation of the initiative are also part of the report.

The report recommended that, in terms of incentives and policy interventions, Gwadar should have an even more preferential financial incentive structure than the competing EEZs in the region. This should be the guiding principle of specific measures for taxation and other incentives such as the free exchange of currency, the deduction of energy costs from taxes, a factory, a discussion, 30 certificates in one, etc.

Regarding the development of the city, the report says that the planning has been carried out in 3 stages. The short-term plan will be up to 2025 for the population of 300,000 and the per capital income will be $ 2,000, under the medium-term plan 2025-2035 for the population of 600,000 and the per capital income will be $ 4,000. The long-term plan covers from 2035-2050 for the population of two million, while the per capital is $ 15,000.

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The source said that this is a draft proposal of the integrated plan of the city of Smart Port Master gwadar that will be approved by the Steering Committee and then the plan will be presented to the technical committee for the final recommendation to the federal cabinet.

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