Mega Movers Pakistan is developing Shahdadkot Inland Container Terminal along Gwadar Rato Dero M-8 SICT Expressway will be the largest logistics park in the country to meet the requirements of Gwadar Port. There is not a container terminal around Gwadar, unlike the port of Karachi and the port of Qasim, which have several. container terminals
Pakistan’s next largest logistics park with a container terminal plans to include the $ 85 million project in the stock exchange to capitalize on the economic activities in and around the port of Gwadar.

Zaheer Barakzai, president of logistics provider Mega Movers Pakistan, told The News that he is developing the Shahdadkot Internal Container Terminal along the Gwadar Rato Dero M-8 highway. The distance between SICT and Gwadar is 325 kilometers. The terminal is expected to be ready by the middle of next year and to have an annual turnover of approximately $ 45 million in the initial years.
“We have evaluated the public list and our finance team is already working on it,” Barakzai said without revealing the deadline and the amount of the offer.

With an area of 60 acres and a capacity to handle one million units equivalent to 20 feet per year, SICT will be the largest logistics park in the country to meet the requirements of the port of Gwadar.

“As the activity begins in a port, a container terminal is required for efficient port operations,” Barakzai said. “There is not a container terminal in Gwadar, unlike the port of Karachi and the port of Qasim, which have several container terminals.”

Shahdadkot Inland Container Terminal is the flagship project of Mega Movers Pakistan, which was announced in 2015 and is currently under construction. “We are working in close coordination and strategic partnership with China Overseas Port Holdings Company”.
Barakzai said that SICT will have multiple facilities such as business complexes, hotels, motels, storage and a dedicated logistics fleet to connect SICT with the port of Gwadar. “A fleet of 500 vehicles would carry all the cargo that reaches SICT from all of Pakistan to the port of Gwadar and similarly move the cargo destined for transport from the port to SICT.”

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Barakzai said that once the port of Gwadar starts operating by 2020, much of the cargo from Karachi port and Qasim port would change to Gwadar due to tax holidays and other factors.

The president of Mega Movers said that SICT is also developing a 10-acre storage facility in the Gwadar free zone.

The SICT Logistics Park would generate around 700 direct and 3,000 indirect employment opportunities. In addition, people living in Shahdadkot to Khuzdar will also benefit in the form of daily salaried jobs.

“Once the traffic starts on the highway, there will be a lot of business and economic activities,” he added. “It would be a blessing for people in this area, since there are currently a very limited number of jobs or commercial activities.”

Highways and highways bring development and prosperity to the surrounding areas. M8 Motorway and SICT will also support the livestock and fishing sectors through the authorization of fast transport.

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There will also be requirements for housing and the construction sector and real estate will receive a boost. SICT will also be investigating the real estate sector in the future.
As part of corporate social responsibility, SICT will provide training related to trucks and heavy vehicles to 800 young people a year from Khuzdar, Turbat and Mund, and will also facilitate obtaining the required licenses.

“We intend to develop and operate this logistics park on an international standard and market it as a professional configuration to invite international businesses to establish their business as well,” Barakzai said.

“We have also asked the relevant authorities to develop the special economic zone of Shahdadkot to attract investments from local and international companies.”

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