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China agreed on Tuesday to offer a grant for the solarization of about 10,000 homes in Balochistan, the restoration of five burned-out centers throughout Pakistan, grant scholarships to 20,000 Pakistani students, including two dozen projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. (CPEC). ) cooperation.

According to The Nations news reports, Beijing agreed to provide around one billion dollars for Pakistan for the CPEC socioeconomic development project, and both nations, in the first phase, approved 27 projects that will be financed by China.

The CPEC-related pact was reached in April during the official visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, to Beijing to attend the summit of the Initiatives of the Second Beltway and Roads (BRI).

The pre-selected projects will be launched in the first phase of the China-Pakistan program, according to the sources.

Technological training, including promotional projects, will begin under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in the agricultural sector Bacterial Grass (JunCao), official sources told The Nations on Sunday.

Under the project, China will establish training and promotion centers for Bacterial Grass technology in different suitable locations in Pakistan.

In addition, the source said that Beijing will also provide experts to Pakistan to carry out a preliminary investigation of the project. China will offer agricultural and scientific training on foot-and-mouth disease, vegetable processing, animal husbandry, fruits and cotton.

Four projects have been agreed in the field of education, which includes the provision of advanced teaching tools and equipment for secondary and primary school projects. The tools and equipment include printers, furniture, computers, tablets, multimedia, interactive whiteboards and smart boards.

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Seven projects have been pre-selected in the medical sector, which includes the supply of tools and equipment for some 30 hospitals throughout Pakistan, the construction of a hospital in Gwadar, the establishment of the emergency center in Balochistan and the transport team and the chain of cold.

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