China Inaugurates a Desalination Plant in Gwadar

Plans have been initiated to address the shortage of clean water in the Gwadar region. That is probably the reason a Chinese company has established a Desalination plant in Gwadar. Local media reported this news on Tuesday.

This plant will be able to supply 254,000 gallons of clean water per day. The desalination plant is a gift from the Chinese side to the people of Gwadar, Senate President Sadiq Sanjrani said at the opening.

Requests have been made to increase the capacity of the desalination plant in Gwadar to 300,000 gallons per day, he added.

“As Balochistan is rich in natural resources, the use of these resources can change the destiny of the people in the area in the shortest time possible.”

“It is our demand that Balochistan’s resources be used adequately so that poverty can be removed prominently from the area.”

It is okay to assure that this new desalination plant in Gwadar will change the future of Gwadar for the better.

Sadiq SanjraniSanjrani also said that:

“We are indebted to the Chinese firm for its development work in Gwadar, particularly in the education and health sectors. The establishment of the Pak-China school in Faqir Colony and the Red Crescent hospital are commendable steps”.

Sanjrani ended by saying that all basic needs would be available to the residents of Gwadar and would be included in the list of developed cities of the world.

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